SD card recovery software for recovering photos and videos and other files from SD card

SD card recovery software for recovering  files from SD card

SD card recovery software for recovering photos and videos and other files from SD memory cards of smart phone/digital camera

“Undelete” to recover deleted files and pictures from SD flash Card .

“Unformat” to recover photos and videos after formatting micro SD Card.

“Recover partition” for recovering photos and videos and other files from sd card partitions damaged /changed/damaged/lost /deleted.

“Full Scan” for recovering photos and videos and other files from SD Card with deep scan.


Aidfile sd card recovery software is the best SD memory Card Recovery software to recover deleted/lost/formatted videos,pictures from the micro SD Card.

From accidentally hitting the wrong button to losing files during a transfer or a virus, there are a variety of free software programs out there geared toward helping you recover your lost files and restoring your videos, documents and/or photos.
About SD Cards
An SD memory card is the generic term used to describe any memory card that is built according to SD specifications; SD hosting devices are any electronic device that hosts the SD memory card such as a digital camera or a cell phone.
SD cards are extremely common and are used in over 8000 consumer products sold by over 400 popular brands globally; the main function of the card is to allow file transfers from the host device to a computer which enables consumers to take their files with them wherever they go in a quick and convenient format.
Data Loss
As with anything in life, accidents are bound to happen and there are a variety of circumstances which can result in the loss of data on your card, such as damage to the card itself, human error in formatting or deleting data or interruption in data transfers.
SD cards can also be vulnerable to certain viruses and power surges, which can also result in the loss of significant files.
Features of Recovery Software
There are a variety of excellent platforms on the market which are designed to help recover data lost in a timely and efficient manner; aside from recovery on SD cards, these platforms also allow for a variety of other functionality such as recovery for external hard drives, hard disks and flash drives.
Many platforms also allow for read-only recovery which disables any changes in data being targeted for recovery, a preview function to enable a view of files before recovery and simple and intuitive user interfaces.
How Recovery Software Works
While many people believe that deleting their data renders it irretrievable, one thing it is always important to remember is that while a file name is relevant as far as helping users find their data locations, names are simply meant to point to the actual data location.
Once you have deleted a file, it continues to take up space on your drive until your device writes new data over the file location; this means that data is never actually removed from the drive and is that it is therefore possible to recover the file provided that there is not an excess of data written over the original location.
For many people, it’s good to know that should you accidentally delete any special data there are several options for recovering your information quickly, efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

Aidfile Data Recovery Software Keyfeature

Support videos(rmvb, avi, mpg, dvd, wmv,mp3,mp4,3gp),photos,ms document ,word ,excel, ppt , pic files from sd card.

Support cell phones( Unlocked,AT&T,Sprint,T-Mobile,Verizon…...)

Support smart phones( Samsung,HTC,Motorola,LG,Nokia,Sony,Pantech & Curitel,Palm,BlackBerry,Kyocera,Huawei,ZTE…...)

Support cell phones( Android ,Windows Phone 8 ,Windows Phone 7,BlackBerry, Symbian OS.)

Support Windows XP,2003,2008,2012,7,8,8.1,Vista.

SD card recovery software

Select the “Undelete” or “Unformat” or “Recover partition” or “Full scan”

SD card recovery software

The use of SD memory card

Secure Digital card used in mobile digital devices the following:

  • digital cameras store photos and video
  • Digital video cameras store photos and video
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) mobile phone store various types of information
  • store photos, ring tones, music, video, etc.
  • multimedia player

SD Flash cards for electronic products

  • Mobile Phone : Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens etc.
  • Imaging Equipment : Home card machine, SLR cameras, multi-function camera, non-tape camera
  • Entertainment Equipment :Directly read the memory card multimedia audio, part of the GBA / DS flash card use, and non-Sony, Apple’s most PDA products